Our philosophy

The passion and energy of creators inspire us. We provide the experience and knowledge to shape that passion and energy into a successful business. By helping others achieve their vision, we can create a better world.

What we do

By investing our tried and tested experience into your idea, we help start up or scale up your business. We can help you from hands-on management to leadership; we've been there and can guide you through it.


Ten Twenty Ventures
Oude Liermolenweg 1
2678 MN De Lier

Phone: +31 (0)174 40 48 40
Email: info@tentwenty.eu

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Intellectual property

We have access to various different industries and areas of expertise.


If you need a CEO, we can fulfill that role.

Team building

Having a strong team is essential for success.

Business support

The little things can be as important as the big things.

We also develop brilliant concepts

Our combined professional experiences make us look at problems in many industries from different viewpoints, sometimes this results in interesting discussions in the office. Every now and then these impromtpy brainstorms align with our investment interests, and every to often one of these turns into a technology or business concepts that we think has some merit. We combine these concepts with a team to make it into a business.


The market for non-food consumables is very diverse and highly competitive, Dime Dispenser technology enables real-time tracking of availability and consumables of most dispensers.

Low Code Plaza

The market for low and no-code is evolving rapidly, Low Code Plaze is the one source for all information on this exciting development.

Morpheus Video

The technology at the core of Morpheus Video enables rapid, high quality videos with synchonized mouth movement to any audio.

Our team

Rob Schilperoort  

An engineer and tinkerer at heart with a drive to solve any problem and the experience to convert an idea into a business. From concept to product on to revenue and scale.

Heidi van Leeuwen  

A techie people-person with an affinity for what makes people move. Over 20 years of experience in process improvement, design and implementation from technical to training to C-level communications.

Jack Gilkerson  

A data-driven engineer and mentor with a passion for solving problems. Over 20 years of experience in high volume manufacturing and quality systems: supplier to customer, design to production.

RenĂ© Appeldoorn  

Social oriented, enterprising, communicative and young at heart. Yet over 25 years of experience in sales and IT, self-employed since the age of nineteen.

Rebecca Gilkerson  

A detail-oriented person with a techie bend. Years of experience in various areas, including engineering, training, and managing groups of people.