What we do

We optimize your business processes faster and at lower cost, based on a long history of business experience. Depending on the challenge, we provide tailor-made solutions. These could be anything from creating custom software to training - and everything in between. Again, we like to solve problems.


Ten Twenty Solutions B.V.
Oude Liermolenweg 1
2678 MN De Lier

Telephone: +31 (0)174 40 48 40
Email: info@tentwenty.eu

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Technology Innovation

Have an idea to improve your business? Or have a problem that you think could be fixed using new thinking? We’ll help you from concept to implementation; from hardware to software and from process to financial engineering, we’ve got all the skills in house to solve that problem.

From IoT to new materials, from sourcing to execution and from quality to analyses we’re ready to help you move forward.

Custom Software development

We develop custom software, using the latest in software development and hosting techniques. No need for you to worry about the technology, now or in the future. We make your solutions available faster and at a much-reduced cost from traditional methods. That’s the reason for our name, ten times as fast at 20% the cost.

We have experience in several different types of software; in a personal conversation we will gladly tell you all about past projects.

Consulting and Interim roles

Need help but don’t want us to take control of a full blown project? Our partners are available to help you with their specific knowledge as sparring partner or to take on interim roles in your organisation. With our extensive experience in software, equipment design, manufacturing, semi-conductors, finance and administration, community building and organisation change management we probably have the qualifications and experience in house to help you out.